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Version: v5

ionic login

Log in to Ionic

ionic login [options]

Authenticate with Ionic and retrieve a user token, which is stored in the CLI config. The most secure way to log in is running ionic login without arguments, which will open a browser where you can submit your credentials.

If the IONIC_TOKEN environment variable is set, the CLI will automatically authenticate you. To retrieve your user token, first use ionic login <email> <password> to log in, then use ionic config get -g tokens.user to print the token. (Note: Tokens retrieved from the browser login are short-lived and not recommended for use with IONIC_TOKEN.)

ionic login will also accept password through stdin, e.g.: echo "<password>" | ionic login <email>.

If you need to create an Ionic account, use ionic signup or the Ionic Website.

You can reset your password in the Dashboard.

If you are having issues logging in, please get in touch with our Support.


$ ionic login
$ ionic login
$ ionic login secret




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